perjantai 9. lokakuuta 2009

Open Courseware Seminar in TuDelft Holland

I am following the panel discussion. Japan speaker speeks about OCW in Japan. MIT has helped them to start OCW in top Japanese universities. Tokio,Kyoto, Waseda, Keio, Kyoto, Tokio University of Technology joined OCW initiative after 9 months of discussions.

Normally the top Japan universities are very much competing with other. In this case they joined their forces. In 2006 the Japanese universities had a conference in Kyoto promoting the idea of co-operation.

Representative of MIT speaks. IVY- league Universities in America are jealous on each other.
For instance Yale and Stanford have open courseware, but they don't join the consortium.

Local groups that work on local language are very effective.
In Japan most teaching is in Japanese. Japan offers about 1000 courses in OCW, about 80%
are in Japanese. Reasons to join: 1. Local (Japanese) , 2. Regional (China, Korea etc. ), 3. Global

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